Period vest, designed and constructed

Table constructed from a wooden pallet for “Oklahoma!” at Weathervane Playhouse

Period television built and painted for a production of “Cabaret” at Weathervane Playhouse

Cabaret table concept, designed and built as audience table fora production of “Cabaret” at Weathervane Playhouse

Painted tree for a children’s production of “Flat Stanley Jr.” at Weathervane Playhouse

Drawing Sample Apartment building, Denison University Charcoal

Drawing Sample Sigma Chi House, Denison University Graphite

Formal Summer Cake

12th Birthday Cake

The Malvolio Project (Co-design with Peter Pauze), Denison University, Director: Cheryl McFarren, Lighting: Peter Pauze, Costumes: Cindi Turnbull

Other Work

Paint, Props, Cakes, Costumes, and more